Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Winter

With the frosty nights of November here, I’m so excited that the Winter season is just beginning. There are certain things that are unique to Winter that I look forward to year round, and that’s something that I wanted to talk about today!

It can be so easy to feel down in the dumps when the weather takes a colder, harsher turn – but one of my favourite things about the seasons is how each one is so unique and holds special activities that you savour for those particular months!

(Note: this has actually become a series on my blog, where I’ve written a post dedicated to each season. You can read the Spring edition here, or the Summer one here, too!)

#1 Cosy Nights

This is just something that’s so naturally associated with the cold, dark, dampness of winter: warming up, cuddling down and stuffing yourself silly with comfort. My friends and I love to go to pubs a lot more during this season, and we’d sit by the open fireplaces and gorge ourselves on ‘pub food’ and good stories between laughs.

There’s nothing quite like throwing on a comfy jumper and sitting fireside in your favourite pub with your best friends or family and catching up. It’s a little slice of Winter magic!

#2 Layering Up

When it’s the height of August and you’re sprawling out on the floor just trying to find some sort of breeze, my mind always flicks to those November nights. When you’re walking to and from your car, or just out walking your dog or on an errand or out for some other purpose: and you’ve got to layer up.

You have the coat, the scarf, the gloves – and maybe even a hat. With your head down to avoid excessive wind-chills.  It’s a weirdly magical and calming generality of a memory.

I seem to collect coats during Winter, too, as there are so many different styles and all of them offer a different type of comfort. I love my most layered, comfy coats for November-December as that’s when I’ll need to be warmest!

#3 Snowfall

Excluding the odd frost this year, we haven’t actually had real snowfall up North for the past few years. We get a flurry of snow-like slush usually around April, but regardless of what Winter brings this year: my boyfriend Scott & I are off to Iceland in January & I’m so excited because it means I’ll be around snow no matter what this Winter!

I think the reason why snow is so fantastic is pretty self explanatory. I mean, it makes everything magical. White blankets of powder covering everything in sight, what’s not to love?

#4 Christmas and New Year Festitivites

Where I live, we’re pretty big on our Autumn-Winter festivals. From the start of October begins two seasons of firework nights, bonfire events, Halloween scares & Christmas tree light switch ons. This little town is pretty big on our festivals. But that’s what I love so much about it: bundling up, going out, stuffing yourself silly and watching all the beautiful lights twinkle away in the night.

#5 Comfort Food

Okay. I realise that every reason why I enjoy Winter has linked in one way or another back to food. So maybe my main reason that I love Winter so much is that it’s much more acceptable to stuff yourself with comfort food. I mean – everyone’s wearing jumpers anyway so nobody will see those extra few pounds keeping you warm over the holidays. Also, Winter brings so much better food too. Everything’s smothered in gravy and it’s all mashed potatoes and yorkshire puddings and bloody hell I’m excited.


What’s your favourite season and why? Lets talk seasons!

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