Carbs, Ruins & Ramblings: Rome Travel Diary

Benvenuto! Last month Scott and I spent a long weekend in the city of Rome, Italy. I had been excitedly awaiting this holiday since the moment Scott surprised me with it for Christmas – as I’d always wanted to visit the city, and with all the travelling we were doing recently, now was most definitely as good a time as any to stroll the idyllic Italian streets!

Whenever taking off for a long weekend, we make sure to be on the first flight of the day – which usually means dreary (typical English weather) and partly delirious 3 a.m. drives to the airport. Followed by a much needed inhale of the best caffeine we can find on the other side of security! Once this was done, we excitedly boarded for our 6 a.m. flight and took off on the 2-hour journey from Manchester to Ciampino Airport, Rome.

One of the best things about travelling, in my opinion, is the drastic change in weather that you always come across when leaving England. If you’re from England, or just visit it regularly (Northern England, to be exact) then you’ll know that the region seems to be semi-permanently covered in grey cloud. Whilst this is great for photography, it’s not really that good for much else. And always makes it feel like it’s either about to or just finished, raining.

Italy however? That’s a whole different story! My first memory was of the bright blue sky, with very little clouds and the slightest breeze on the air. It was a crisp February day in Rome, and the weather was so beautiful that I knew from the second we disembarked the plane that it was going to be a weekend to remember!


On our second day, Scott and I followed a trail from The Vatican, down to Forno Campo de’ Fiori (a bakery we had seen rave reviews about on Pinterest! It was well worth the walk!) then onwards to the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and rounded off on the Spanish Steps. The route itself takes you through back streets and past beautiful Italian boutiques – just following the GPS and adventuring through Rome to these gorgeous locations was one of the most fun things about our time there.

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

Everything in Rome is so quaint and beautiful, and since the weather was so kind to us – there was no reason not to be outside (it was a good thing I packed my suncream!)


My favourite food in Rome HAD to be the gelato. Usually I’d swing straight onto the pizza/pasta, because carbs are literal life, but the gelato was so good that I couldn’t help but make sure we stopped at as many gelaterias as possible!

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

I always got the biggest cone I could (#piglife) and would spring for Nutella mixed with chocolatey, nutty flavours like Ferrero Rocher or salted caramel. The absolute perfect accessory to be holding while exploring the streets of Rome!

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary


My favourite memory from Rome has to be the simplest one. Since everything in Rome is so close together, I had an absolute ball with Scott just exploring the streets by foot. We weren’t flying to the nearest metro station, or trying to interpret bus stops, instead we were just relaxing and exploring the streets in the gorgeous February sunlight. It was absolute bliss.

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

Visiting the Borghese Gardens, too, was a lovely end to one of our days – the sun was just setting, leaving the gardens in this gorgeous amber twilight and people were out riding bicycles, enjoying the flowers and chatting merrily. It was so idyllic I could’ve stayed in that moment for years!

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary


Go see the Roman Forum. Just do it. I can’t recommend it enough! I know a lot of people skip the Forum, opting instead just to explore the Colosseum – but if you’ve got the time, try and squeeze in a visit to the Forum as well!

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

Travel tip: when visiting the Forum/Colosseum/Palatine Hill, the ticket you receive for either attraction gives you entry to all of them! And with that said, the line for the Forum moves much quicker than the Colosseum’s, so make sure to buy your ticket there first! This will give you the time you’ll have saved in the quicker queue to explore the Forum instead of wasting the day waiting for a ticket outside the Colosseum!

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

Rome | Tips | Tricks | Advice | Travel Diary

Rome was one of my favourite places to visit so far. I had so much fun there, and can’t wait to see more of Italy hopefully this year! Have you ever visited Rome? Or do you plan to? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet/Instagram me @mileinmyglasses! Let’s talk about the Eternal City!

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