Five Reasons to Fall In Love with Spring

Five Spring has officially Sprung! I’ve been so excited for the start of Spring since.. Well, for an embarrassing amount of time really. Is anybody else like me and always anticipating the coming of the next season? In November I’m always kitted out for Winter, by February I’m excited for Spring – April I’m ready for Summer and by September I’m already wearing plaid and planning my apple picking trips for Autumn. I’m not even kidding, it’s kind of a problem.

Today I wanted to bring something that I did last season back onto my blog – a post that brought attention to all of my favourite things about Spring. I wrote the same style post for Winter, which you can check out here.

#1 Flowers in Bloom

Does anybody else feel like once the flowers start to bloom, your mood instantly lifts? Here in England, the trees have been dead for going on 5 months now. It’s always exciting and spooky in October when it’s happening – but now that it’s April I’m ready for the leaves to grow and the flowers to pop back up out the ground!

#2 Longer Days and Nights

Honestly, who ISN’T ready for the longer nights? Especially us bloggers, I feel like my photo taking schedule has been restricted to the weekends through Winter since the sun is literally down before I even think about leaving work each day. And when you have to get up early each morning and the sun hasn’t risen yet? It makes me feel a hundred times sleepier and I’m not about that life right now. Haha.

#3 Warmer Weather

Here in North England the weather never gets crazy hot – we usually peak around 25 degrees celsius and stay thereabouts through Summer, but with the Winter weather still accompanying us through February, March, usually the first half of April and popping back up sporadically through May – you could say that I’m at least a teensy bit excited for the thermometers to rise. I’m also ready to not be fighting my windscreen every night trying to strategically put the frost-cover over it before it flies away, but that’s a whole different story altogether.

Also can I just say – I drove for what felt like the first time in months without wearing a coat the other day and it was like a religious experience. I felt so FREE! I’m so excited to be able to throw my sunglasses on again when driving, too. It really is the little things isn’t it?

#4 Exercise Outside

Okay this one might be a push. But when it’s warmer, I love not having to drive to the gym every night to get my exercise in. Throwing on some running shoes and heading straight out the door is fantastic! In the town I live in, there’s dunes and hiking trails too, so my boyfriend Scott and I love to jog those during warmer evenings. It’s a little slice of Spring bliss.

If you’re looking to squeeze some extra time in for exercise but find that your schedule is too hectic, read my How to Ace Your Exercise Goals with a Busy Schedule post!

#5 Iced Treats

Am I the only person who can’t eat ice cream/drink iced coffee outside during Winter? My body goes on lockdown and I gotta get rid ASAP. However, in Spring, I live for the iced treats. Ice cream, iced coffee, just straight up ice – all of the frozen treats!

Are you looking forward to Spring? I’d love to know what your favourite things about the coming season are, too – if you want to comment down below! Or, you could tweet/Instagram me @mileinmyglasses!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day,

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