Finding Your Voice Online

One thing I’ve struggled with during my time online has been finding what makes me, me. The blogosphere is such a big, beautiful community – I’ve never actually been a part of anything quite like it. Since starting my blog last September I’ve had such an immense amount of growth these past six months, and during that, I’ve gotten to speak to and befriend so many lovely people that it’s been an absolute blessing.

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Offline, though, I’ve had some less than desirable questions asked about the blogging world and what it’s like to be part of this community. “Aren’t there already too many bloggers?”, “what makes you different to every other person with a blog?”, “what’s the point of it all?” are a few particular questions that have been fired my way.

It’s funny, even though there are so many brilliant and interesting bloggers across the globe – I have to say that in my eyes, anyway, the community feels like it can never be too full. There will never be ‘too many’ of us because there’s always space for everybody online. And that’s just one thing that I love about it. I feel like the community is so inclusive – and friendly – that you’re never made to feel like just ‘another blogger’ or another voice being lost among the masses, everybody feels valued and it’s just brilliant.

I didn’t always feel like that, though. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was apprehensiveĀ about being another person among the hundreds – just somebody writing with no real idea of what I was trying to say. I had trouble finding my voice, finding what I felt like I wanted to say and talk about here. Have you ever felt the same way?

I had a blog that represented a genre, but I wanted to blog about more than just that. I wanted to do huge posts on tips and tricks for these great big subjects, but I also wanted to get vulnerable – to write about things that affect me personally. Things that happen in my life, or things that I’ve come across on the daily. It’s a mix of professional and personal and it’s something unique to the blogosphere. That intimacy.

I didn’t know how to write both things at once and ended up sticking to one, scared that if I got vulnerable – if I spoke about those types of subjects that are a lot more personal – they wouldn’t be as accepted. Or they wouldn’t be well written or thought or informative. They’d be something that nobody wanted to interact with.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that after going over it for a while, I’m really excited to start writing about more personal subjects. To jump off the deep end into the unknown and hopefully come back happier. I absolutely love everything about my blog, but I want it to represent me wholly – I want it to be about every side, not just my passion for travel. I want to talk about my love of fitness, food – adventures. Everything and anything.

I can’t wait to get posting more about that, too.

Thank-you so much for reading this, be sure to let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever struggled with finding your voice online too! Whether that’s through a blog, or on social – Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest – we all want to represent ourselves accurately, how do you get that across?

I hope you’re having a wonderful week,