Why You Need to Spend Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween is a magical night. Celebrating the mystery and enchantment of ghouls and ghosts – one night a year where everybody yearns for the same thrill of being frightened.

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It was something I’d only ever seen on the walls of my Tumblr dashboard, & something I’d reblog every time it came up.

My little heart couldn’t help but dream: so I was absolutely over the moon when Scott & I finally got round to sitting down & booking a trip there last October (and since, we have booked another returning trip for this Halloween, too!)

We decided to visit Disneyland Paris (as opposed to California/Hong Kong/Shang Hai) for a number of reasons: mostly to do with costs, I won’t lie, it’s obviously a lot cheaper to fly from England to Paris than from England to Los Angeles – but also because of the weather.

We’d spent June at Disney World & as much as my heart flutters at the thought of Florida heat, walking around the parks all day (because let’s be honest, you spend like 90% of the day walking) I would be left dehydrated – or worse, looking like a raisin version of my former self. While Paris would be much cooler – which would work a lot better anyway because it’s Autumn and my body nor my mind are ready for temperatures hotter than 16 degrees celsius (60F) right now.

In the weeks leading up to our flight, I did a bunch of Googling about Halloween at Disneyland Paris but found little to no blog posts or articles on what it was like – meaning that I basically experienced the night with no real idea of what I was getting myself into.

The outcome? Possibly my favourite Halloween to date.

There was a thin layer of fog rolling down main street: every lantern was lit with green and orange bulbs, a witches hat donning the top of each one. Eerie noises were subtly crooning from every speaker – wolves howling, ghouls groaning – the whole shebang. Instantly my Halloween heart was filled with joy. What could top it all off? Oh yeah, the fact that this is Disneyland and we can ride anything as much as we want till 1 a.m.!

Short side note but: I’m not a huge roller coaster fan, I’ll throw that out there. I like them, sure: as the years have passed I’ve definitely gotten braver, my tolerance has stretched & I’ve pushed myself onto some that I wouldn’t have in the past. But I LOVE how Disneyland Paris seems to have more “roller coaster” alternatives to the Florida originals. For example, Space Mountain in Paris? Yeah, that’s a faster coaster. With 360 loops & everything (hate loops? I did too! But weirdly, the loops at Disneyland must be configured tighter or something as opposed to other parks, because I didn’t walk away with the usual “sick tummy” feeling from the G-force flying to my skull when I was upside down). I’m not just saying that, either, I think over the 3 days Scott & I were there, we rode Space Mountain about 10 times. We kinda became 360 junkies.

The night ticked on, rides were ridden (It’s a Small World: tradition. Also incredibly creepy, I freaking hate mannequins/dolls. Space Mountain: who can resist. Phantom Manor? Classic. Indiana Jones: why not! Pirates of the Carribean? Of course. And finally, Buzz Lightyear: because what’s a better way to top off Halloween than by shooting aliens in the face with lazers. And also by spinning your cart so much that your boyfriend can’t score any points even though he ends up beating you by a 15,000 points lead anyway… #stillnotoverit) and popcorn was inhaled by the tub. It was the perfect way to spend Halloween, exploring a theme park with thousands of people that you can play ‘Guess the Character’ about with your boyfriend as they pass

I came away from the evening absolutely exhausted but with a huge grin on my face. I knew that Disneyland was the perfect way to spend Halloween & I’m so glad that I got to spend it with my favourite person ever. Honestly, if you’ve ever been on the fence about attending Disneyland for Halloween (I don’t know why you’d be on the fence about attending Disneyland at any occasion, it’s freakin’ Disneyland!) then I can’t recommend that you dive in & do it enough! We’ve already made haphazard plans that we’ll return Winter 2017 for the Christmas season. I’m counting the days.

What do you get up to for Halloween? I know it’s only June, but it’s never too early to get hyped for October! Ha!

As always, thank-you so much for reading & I’m already excited to see what Halloween 2017 will bring!

Spooks and chills,

This was originally posted during October 2016.