Healthy Comfort Food You Can Enjoy When Travelling

Today’s post is something a little bit different, but something I’m so excited to share with you guys!

Helen, from the blog Health Ambition, contacted me a few weeks ago with an interest in writing for my blog, and after I had referenced hers during a post a few months ago (and being a big fan of her posts in general!) I was super excited to have her on board!

Comfort food is a huge part of my life. Comfort food and general comfort, to be honest. I’m sure in nearly every post I’ve published I’ve mentioned somewhere about how I love to be comfortable – and when you combine that with my love of food? Oh, yes.

The problem with comfort food, though, is that the vast majority of it is pretty bad for you. Which sucks, because if I could I’d be eating comfort food 24/7.

When Helen said she wanted to write about healthy comfort food I was already like ‘YES!’ and then when she said she wanted to mention how to keep it healthy while you’re travelling, too?! That was even better! When travelling I feel like my entire health routine goes straight out the window and I’m just grabbing a) what’s close and b) what’s affordable, so clearly I need all the help I can get.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me, I hope you all enjoy this post and let me know what your favourite comfort food is in the comments below! Mine is anything carbs and lots of chocolate. Unfortunately, that definitely isn’t healthy. Ha!

Healthy travel food, snacks, comfort food recipes, healthy food, healthy eating

by Helen of Health Ambition

A few years ago I lost a lot of weight after my friend asked me if I was pregnant – I was not. This sent me down the path of healthy eating and helped me turn my life around.

I was on a mission, and in the day-to-day of my normal routine, it became my way of life. The idea of even one day of poor eating and the possibility of getting back on the road to mistaken pregnancy was a scary deal which kept me on the straight and narrow at home.

Then something happened: Family vacation.

Suddenly the thought of travelling made me almost hyperventilate!

But what if all there is to eat is fast food and vending machines?

What if our intended destination has an open buffet of breakfast pastries?

Yes, my friends, when it comes to trying to eat healthy while travelling – the struggle is real!

However, since that initial panic which almost brought on a case of hives, I have since learned that there are ways to be successful in your health mission regardless of whether you are travelling for work or leisure or even hitting somewhere far away and exotic.

Believe it or not, there are healthy comfort foods you can enjoy while travelling.

Healthy travel food, snacks, comfort food recipes, healthy food, healthy eating

Before You Think Food – Think Strategy

Now, the first thing you need to consider if you’ve made a major life change in the fitness and nutrition department is strategy.

What I mean by this is many people panic about possibly not being able to stick to their healthy food choices. For example, maybe you recently dropped 50 pounds by following the paleo diet and the idea of eating a pasta bowl fills you with dread – however, you think keeping a grain free diet will be too difficult off the coast of France.

But the way to stick to what you want is being determined and following some simple steps.

  • Decide What is a Little Bit Naughty and What is an Outright No-No

There may be some things that while you’re soaking up the sun for a short period of time, you are happy to let slide from your diet but then others that you have to stick to your guns and go without.

For example, if you were following a grain free diet, maybe you’re determined to keep it that way, however, if the only option for your sweet potatoes is to come fried rather than steamed as usual, maybe you will go with that as it won’t kill you this once!

  • Check the Hotel and Know Your Surroundings

If you’re determined to stick to your guns when it comes to your eating choices, you need to put a little bit of work in before you travel.

When looking at hotels either for long vacations or simple stopovers, check first to ensure the room you select has a mini fridge. This will make it easier to keep your healthy pre-made meals fresh and save you money on hotel meals.

Secondly, if you’re looking for a hotel for more than one night, check it out on google maps to see whether it is close to anywhere you can easily access some healthy treats like fruits and veggies.

Maybe you won’t have cooking facilities, but at least you can buy the things you need to make healthy snacks and salads.

Also when doing your research you can use sites like Tripadvisor to search your chosen diet plus the city you’re visiting:

Dublin + gluten + free or London + Paleo

This will then give you reviews of bars and restaurants that meet that search criterion and, hey presto, you know where to go for an evening meal which you can enjoy guilt free!

When it Comes to Food, Preparation is Key

If you’re going on a long vacation, following the above strategies can help you relax and feel less pressure to stay on track knowing you have a plan in action to stay on course with your goals.

If you’re going on a roadtrip, however, don’t think all is lost because you can’t have healthy food on the road – you can with a little bit of preparation.

Make sure you have the right accessories to start – cooler box with gel ice packs for perishables and a flask or two for something warm and delicious – you don’t have to drink it, just take of the lid and get your spoon in there!

Here are some examples of awesome healthy foods you can enjoy while travelling as long as you have the right accessories with you and prepare them in advance:

Healthy Comfort Foods from Your Flask:

  • Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Light Tuna Casserole
  • Slow Cooker Turkey Chilli
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Stew
  • Thai Curry Soup

Healthy Snacks Kept in Your Cooler:

  • Pre-peeled Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Vegetable Sticks Tossed in Olive Oil
  • Pre-cooked Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Pre-made Salad
  • Single Serving Pots of Guacamole
  • Cooked Shrimps
  • Slices of Raw Milk Cheese

With a little bit of pre-planning, eating healthy while travelling doesn’t need to be terrifying. Plan ahead and stay true to yourself and you can eat well while enjoying the open road.

  • Kendall

    This is a great post! I eat healthy at home, but always find it hard to stay on track when I’m vacationing. I want to experience everything, including the food. Doing research beforehand is a great tip. That way, when people ask “where should we eat,” you’ll have a bunch of healthy options to suggest 🙂 Love this!


    • Thanks a lot, Kendall! I’m the exact same! I love to get a list of 5-10 nearby places whenever I go away so that I know wherever I am, I can get great food from those places! It’s a life saver, especially when you’re travelling in a country that you don’t speak the language of! I hope you have a lovely Friday!

  • Kim

    Wow this was really helpful! One of my biggest fears while traveling is that I won’t be able to eat (somehow I get anxiety, a loss of appetite and it doesn’t help that I’m a picky eater) so I definitely agree that preparation is key and healthy fruits and veggies are better to down than junk food, which could potentially get you sick or ruin your diet. Thanks, Helen and Michael!

    Simply Lovebirds

    • I completely agree Kim! I find that when I binge on junk food when travelling I always end up feeling sluggish and my skin goes quite oily, too, so if I can consistently stay on healthier alternatives it would be so much better! I hope you have a lovely day!

  • Violette

    Such great tips! It’s always a thing to find the right food when you’re travelling! Happy Friday!

    • Thank-you so much Violette! Definitely! Hopefully this helps with the struggle of finding something when you’re out and about! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • I really loved the post! I’ll have to try some of these out!
    Lots of love,

    xx, Kris

    Check out my blog!

  • Miriam Zakharova
  • This is so important – I struggle with this on holidays too. Sometimes I just say “screw it” and eat as if calories don’t exist but it is important to have balance in everything. Love these tips.
    Holly x | |

    • I’m so with you, Holly! When I get super stressed I always revert back to eating and I can spend weekends acting like calories aren’t a thing – ha! Right now I try and focus on just accepting when I’m stressed, realising that there’s a lot going on and trying to help myself out rather than going back to the Kinder bars like I used to! Ha! I hope you have a lovely end to your week!