My Five Must-Have Travel Essentials

Hello! Today’s post is a collaboration with fellow blogger Kenzie Taylor! With the summer months approaching, and so many exciting trips coming up to places near and far, we thought it would be a great idea to do a travel essentials blog post on things that we can’t leave home without – giving you not just the inspiration for, but also some great tips and tricks for essentials you may need during your travels!

Make sure to head over to Kenzie’s blog and read her travel essentials after reading mine!

#1 Sturdy Hand Luggage

This year, I completely overhauled how I usually travel and began opting for as many hand luggage only-style trips as I could get! Choosing this was an absolute game changer, and ever since I’ve been battling the decision of trying to fit as many things as I can in hand luggage against paying extra for stowed baggage! Ha!

Having a hard sturdy case has become an essential for me because I feel like I can fit so much more in the case, especially with my own, which is from ItLuggage (for £49 exclusively from Argos, might I add!) – it seems to have absolutely loads of space for outfits, and even has a zipped extender which provides up to 25% more!

#2 Packing Cases

Another great thing that I’ve learned through packing for hand luggage is the importance of packing cases. It’s a mystery to me how a few little cases can make it seem like you have double the space that you actually have, but they manage to! It really helps divide your luggage so you can have cases dedicated to your toiletries, your electronics, your t-shirts, underwear and shoes.

It also comes in handy if you need to quickly grab something from inside your luggage during transit because you aren’t rooting through all your belongings when opening your luggage – you’re just grabbing a quick case from a neat pile of cases inside!

#3 My Phone (or More Importantly, my Phone Contract!)

When navigating the streets of Rome, or finding your way to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, nothing has been handier than my phone (or more importantly, my phone contract!) When choosing a phone contract, I made sure to pair with Three who offers a special deal on something called ‘Feel at Home’.

Feel at Home means that in select countries, you can use your phone exactly how you would at home with no extra cost! So while my contract covers me for unlimited data in England, it also means I can use my phone in the exact same way in America, Spain, Italy, Iceland, The Netherlands – and so many more countries, too! You can check out the full list of eligible countries right here. There’s always more being added which is really exciting!

While in Paris it meant I could quickly download maps of the metro systems, and in Iceland, I could find the best-rated places to eat for a great saving. It truly works as a life saver!

#4 My Travel Wallet

I spoke about this in my Five Things That Save Me Time, Money and Stress While Travelling post, but having a travel wallet seriously changes the game. Before every trip I make sure to print out a copy of all confirmations: flights, hotels, excursions, etc. and store them in this wallet that I keep in my luggage – just in case something happens and I need to refer back to them.

I also make sure to have a document of important phone numbers I might need if a transfer doesn’t show up or we need to call the emergency services or find the nearest hospital to where we’re staying. Having something that I know is there just in case relieves a great piece of mind and I can’t fault it!

If you’re in the market for some awesome travel document wallets, I’ve compiled a few of my favourites here:

#5 Sensible Shoes

Even writing this made me chuckle, ha! But yes, sensible shoes. Don’t be like me and pack only one pair of shoes to Rome which ends up being brand new desert boots that get less and less fun to walk in, especially 10 miles in, on a hot Spring day! Ha!

Since learning that one I make sure to think about how much walking I’ll be doing during the trip and whether I need to make space for an extra pair just in case – P.S. I usually almost do need to! Ha! An extra pair is always good!

Workout shoes or trainers are always a good call as they’re made specifically for endurance, so if you’re spending the day on your feet exploring the city, you know they won’t give you blisters or become uncomfortable a third into the day.

Do you have tried and tested travelling essentials that you can’t leave home without? If so, what are they? I’d love to learn some! Make sure to comment below or tweet/Instagram me @mileinmyglasses!

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I hope you’re having a wonderful week,