The Thrifty Traveller’s Guide to Packing for a Weekend Away

Weekends away are fantastic things. There’s no end to the gorgeous countries, cities or scenery you could spend your weekend immersed in! The difficult thing, though, can be deciding just what to pack. Big case or little? One outfit or three? Well, here’s some tips that I’ve learnt from spending my weekends globe-trotting to help you pack exactly what you need without packing too much!

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  • Consider Hand Luggage

If you’re flying with an airline that doesn’t offer you complimentary checked luggage and you’re only traveling for a weekend – this is a good place to save some cash for yourself. Even if you’re going for a longer weekend, you will only need a handful of outfits and accessorising / reusing clothing with a twist might be your real saving grace here.

  • Choose Your Travel Outfit Wisely

As tempting as it is to travel in sweats and a baggy tee (aka the literal dream), if you’re only travelling for a short time, then wearing one of your outfits during flight is another great way to save space in your hand luggage. Especially the bigger items, like a trench coat or a pair of boots. A carefully considered flying outfit that uses your bigger items and leaves space in your hand luggage is what we’re aiming for!

  • Roll Your Clothes

A tip you’ll have seen blogger after blogger recommend – and for good reason! Not only does rolling your clothes save space and help you pack more in, but by some strange scientific miracle, rolling also prevents your clothes from getting creased! I mean it’s probably not THAT strange, but it still baffles me.

  • Bag Your Shoes – Or Take the Pair You Wear

This is something I forget: bag your shoes. Those things are trailed across the floor day in, day out, yet we throw them in with our clean clothes? Yikes. If you can get away with it, I’d also suggest only taking one pair: the one on your feet! Shoes can be difficult to manoeuvre around a small bag so if you’ve got a versatile pair of shoes that can be dressed up and dressed down (maybe something along the lines of Oxfords or some reliable brown boots?) then make good use of them and ditch your other pairs!

  • Vet Your Toiletries

As tempting as it is to cram all the toiletries you can into your bag in case of emergency (I’m talking moisturisers, colognes, deodorant, concealer, toothpaste, hair gel, you name it) one important trick is to only take what you really need. In England, you need to present your toiletries in a small clear plastic bag at security, where each item can’t exceed 100ml and the bag itself can’t exceed 1,000ml. Because of this, I’d suggest some heavy vetting. Leave the items you can get for cheap on the other side at home, after all you’re only there for a weekend anyway!

  • Leave the Shampoo at Home

This is basically an extension of my last point, remember that almost all hotels leave you complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body soap in your room for washing so don’t bother packing items like these into your hand luggage – they will only take up space! Almost anything you’re taking can easily be picked up in a store local to where you’ll be staying, anyway. So don’t stress if you leave something behind by accident!

  • Bag Your Electricals

All those chargers and charging cables and adapters? Bag them for easy use! One bag full of your electrical bits and bobs not only makes it a hundred times easier to access if you need to grab a charger out your case on the plane, but they’ll also save space in your luggage as all those awkward shapes will be stowed away in a neat bag that can easily slot in your case!

  • Travel Light – Wear Your Camera

All airports permit you to carry an item such as a camera alongside your hand luggage, and by doing so you’ll not only be saving space in your luggage but you’re making sure that expensive kit like a camera won’t get damaged in transit. After all, if it’s on your body you can make sure it’s safe and sound!

  • Ditch the Loose Currency

This is something I did a few trips ago – I decided to ditch carrying currency altogether and opted for a travel card like Revolut. There are so many incredible things I could say about Revolut, they’re a literal god-send! But, out of fear of misquoting or saying something wrong, I’ll just direct you to their website instead. Revolut offers you the best exchange rates with easy access to your cash – and if you ever find yourself in a situation where you misplace or lose your card, then you can easily block or withdraw the money in-app and then unblock the card in a second if you manage to find it again. It has revolutionised how I travel, no joke. It also means that I’ve been able to save a lot more money while travelling because I’m not trying to use up my random change that I don’t understand!

If you’re reading this in preparation for a weekend trip you’re taking, then I hope you have the most incredible time! Weekends away are one of my favourite ways to travel, giving you a flavour of each destination in 48 hours of exhilaration and exploration.

I’d love to hear where your favourite places to go for a weekend away are, if you want to comment below or tweet/Instagram me @mileinmyglasses!

I hope you have a lovely day,