From Slouchy Sundays to Preppy Mondays: Summer Style Journal

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This past Summer I’ve been trying to work on my personal style. Previously, it was anything that I could grab from my closet: I didn’t give any thought to my outfits or clothing pieces further than whether they were comfy and how long it would take to throw them on before I could head out the door.

That usually meant I felt so-so, but never 100% confident in what I was wearing or how I was presenting myself. I always loved the crisp photos of cool looking people wearing beautiful clothes with colours that complemented each other but never decided to actually integrate any of them into my wardrobe: until now.

These past few months I’ve really tried to hone in on what I want to wear, and what I want my outfits to look like: and the answer seems to have landed somewhere between newly ironed button downs, chino shorts and converse. I’ve had so much fun mixing and matching colours, tones and textures with it – and I think I’ve found the baseline for a style I’ll be curating into Autumn and eventually Winter, too.

(Find this slim-fitting green shirt here, the slim khaki chino shorts here, and white converse here.)

I love laying out my outfit the night before and figuring out what I want to wear and what I want it to say about me. I’ve even been using IFTTT (does anybody else use this app?) to hook me up with a “Tomorrow’s weather” notification each night at 10 p.m. so I can plan accordingly.

And even though I’m 90% relying on Pinterest and my Menswear Fashion Inspiration board (check my Pinterest out here!), I’m having loads of fun with seeing what works for other people and figuring out how I can translate that into what would work for me.

These photos were taken over the weekend, while Scott and I attended a family garden party. It was such beautiful weather that before the party we couldn’t resist heading to one of the public parks nearby to get some quick outfit shots!

This park has it’s own Observatory, as well, which is found on the top of the tallest hill in the park and opens every few Sundays throughout the summer by a local Astronomical Society.

Also, how nice do these flowers look? I couldn’t resist getting a few photos in front of them on our journey round! Ha!

What’s your personal style like? Do you have any favourite pieces for Summer, Autumn or Winter? I’d love to know!

Also, what do you think of the preppier-summer style? Fan or not?

OH! And also! Do you follow any men’s fashion bloggers? I’m on the hunt to add some to my feed because I follow like zero and that makes me sad. Ha! Thank-you so much for the help!

I hope you have a great day!

Happy Pinning!

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