Suiting Up with BoohooMAN

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This Summer I’ve had so much fun paying more and more attention to my personal style, and what I want it to say about myself. It has been great to experiment with different styles, outfits and colours for all sorts of weathers and occasions, and I think I’ve finally found something that I can’t wait to curate into Autumn and eventually Winter, too.

Since paying so much attention to style and fashion recently, I was beyond excited when BoohooMAN reached out to me with an offer to collaborate on their recent tailoring campaign. Launching a range of suits, they’ve produced some gorgeous pieces that can make an entire outfit look put together and black-tie-ready for a lot less than you’d think.

I was given the opportunity to style a few pieces of my choice here on the blog, and jumped at the opportunity to share them with you today!

Make sure to let me know in the comments below what your personal type of style is, and how long you’ve been incorporating it into your outfits!

Wearing: Jacket, Shirt (Look-alike), Trousers, Shoes

When I was looking through their catalogue, I was conscious of sticking to a neutral colour that had a bit of a stylish accent: which is exactly why I went for this grey checkered pattern. The grey of the suit can be easily mixed and matched with brighter and darker colours, here I’ve paired it with a slim fitting dark blue oxford shirt (which has since sold out! You can find a look alike here, though), and accented the suit with this brown belt and dark brown brogues from BoohooMAN.

Suits are pretty personal since they’re usually worn for the biggest and best events – so I love that everyone styles their own differently, and injects a little bit of themselves into their formal attire. Seeing that BoohooMAN has a range that caters to both the black-tie blazers and bows style, as well as the more urban style of coach and bomber jackets.

I love the coach jacket instead of a traditional blazer style, and I think it could work not just for a suit – but as a jacket on its own when styled either up or down. I also love that since the trousers are cropped, you can play around with the recent trend of not wearing socks (or visible ones, anyway! I can’t stand wearing no socks at all!) with dress shoes (which Scott absolutely hates but I love!)

Make sure to check out BoohooMAN’s tailored suit range here, and you can read about what they offer themselves here.

What type of style do you aim for?

Happy Pinning!

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