Two Lessons That Grew My Blog Immediately

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When I started Mile in My Glasses last October (omg I’m such a baby blogger, also I’m very excited for my 1 year anniversary and have already drafted a huge ’10 Lessons I’ve Learnt’ post to go live in celebration of it!) I was so excited to get out there blogging and posting and interacting with you guys – but I was also so naive to how the world of blogging works, and how to not just get your posts out there – but to get your posts read and interacted with, too.

I had one of those views where you just push out content, but don’t think to promote it and then it just hangs there between being published and not being read and everything was a little bit awkward. Have you ever been in the same place? During the following months, though – I picked up some habits and learnt some lessons that genuinely changed the game for me. They took me from someone who blogs on the side to where I am today, someone who devotes so much time to my blog that it’s almost it’s own fully fledged job.

I wouldn’t have it any other way: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this little corner of the internet is my favourite thing that I’ve ever made. Ever.

blogging, blogging tips, blogging tricks, blogging ideas, how to blog, how to blog for money, blogging for money, blogging lessons, bloggings tips and tricks

So – going back to what I was saying, I learnt two pretty important lessons that I want to share with you guys today. Hopefully, these will help you out, or give you some perspective¬†if you’re thinking about starting a blog for how you could go about working towards your goals – because both of these things have helped me immensely.

Devote Some Time to Pinterest

Pinterest is such an important social platform for bloggers. Like, the most important that I think I’ve come across so far. There’s so many amazing things that I could tell you about Pinterest that I’d end up keeping you here all day – so I’ll simplify it into a few key steps.

Firstly, Pinterest as a social network is essentially a search engine. This means that the users interacting with the site are actively seeking out content to read and engage with, unlike your other networks like Twitter and Instagram where they are based around the mindless scrolling of a ‘feed’. This means that you don’t have to ‘fight for the click’ as hard as you would on other sites since Pinterest optimises their content to make sure that anything you create is going to the eyes of those interested in that subject matter.

Secondly, one thing that I absolutely love about Pinterest is that unlike Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the amount of ‘likes’, ‘follows’ or ‘comments’ you have don’t necessarily dictate who is going to happen upon your images. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on your account, you can join group boards that have user spans of thousands and still get clickthrough rates that are incredibly high with 0-100 followers on your account.

Actually getting eyes on your content comes down majorly to your Pinterest SEO, which is something I’ll be happy to do a post on if you guys would like!

P.S. You can follow my Pinterest account here if you’re interested! Also, I have a board called The Bloggers Guide to Success that I pin awesome content from other bloggers to, that helped me figure out all sorts of ins and outs of blogging, so I’d definitely recommend you check that out too!

Interact with the Community

My second lesson when it comes to blogging has to be to interact with your community. One of my favourite things about blogging is the community – whether that’s readers of my blog or other bloggers – it’s so important that you’re reaching out to others daily and letting them know that you love their content, or adding thoughtful anecdotes onto their posts, too!

Speaking to other bloggers is so much fun, and it’s somewhere that you should never feel is a competition – this hobby/career isn’t a one-man race, it’s a joint effort and we aren’t competing against one another, we’re lifting each other up. There’s nothing more than I can say about that – just make sure you’re getting in touch with others in a meaningful way.

I use Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with all the bloggers that I follow, as it presents their newest posts in a beautiful and cohesive feed that I can scroll through and make sure I’m up to date with all the blogs that I love!

These two lessons changed my blog in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. They took me from being someone who published content and sat there stewing till the next post – to someone who now is constantly engaging with others about my posts, their posts and exciting upcoming content, too.

Blogging is such a fantastic opportunity, and if you’re interested in doing it then I can’t recommend it enough! I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on my two lessons, so be sure to let me know below!

I hope you’ve had a lovely day,

Happy Pinning!