The Oversized Jumper I’ve Been Living in This Autumn

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When it comes to Autumn, I go a little mad about knitwear. I don’t know about you guys, but I fall for it deep. There’s something about the colder seasons that just naturally marries itself so well with cosier clothing – and right at the top of my list are the snuggest knitted pieces that I can find.

I’ve been slowly cultivating a knitwear collection over a few years, usually adding one or two pieces into the mix each season, rather than splurging on loads and then falling out of love with them by the time Autumn rolls around again.

Whether I’m throwing on a bundled jumper that will drown me in its material, or I’m wearing a thin sweater over a shirt for a smarter look, I like to keep a pretty varied mix available in my wardrobe – and I’m already overjoyed with the piece that I’ve added so far this year!

This oversized fisherman jumper is my life saver. You can chuck this on solo, or you can use it to layer up over everything and anything you could be wearing for a super warm layer. The way that the fabric rests also covers up all sorts of food babies you might be hiding, so it’s great for those evenings out with friends when you go hard for the carbs (aka each and every meal out with friends for me. Ha!)

Wearing: Oversized Grey Fisherman Jumper, Black Skinny Jeans

The slouched sleeve detailing is a nice addition, and it gives it a much more relaxed look. I could write a love letter to this jumper, and I’m not even kidding (can you tell?). Whenever I wear it, people are complimenting how relaxed and comfortable it looks, and it’s so easy to dress up and dress down. I’ve paired it with blue jeans and grey Chelsea boots, black jeans and black Nikes – it’s super versatile and that’s one of the best things about it.

In my eyes, this jumper practically epitomises the Sunday feeling of looking great, but not trying too hard. It’s something that feels like you never really left the duvet all day, which is perfect since it’s oversized but doesn’t feel like I’m a child wearing an adults jumper – ha!

Do you have a favourite knitwear piece for Autumn?

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