2017 in Review: My New Year Resolutions

Last year was one for the books. Never in my life had I travelled more (Iceland, Rome, The Canary Islands, The United States then Paris twice!), laughed harder or cherished the moments with my nearest and dearest more. There were times of tears, of arguing and frustration, but there was so much happiness that was only put into perspective through those harder times.

If you want to read the specific lessons that I walked away from 2017 with, I wrote a blog post on the subject here. And either way, that year will be one I’ll remember for the rest of my life. *Now here’s to making 2018 just as memorable!*

One of my favourite traditions of the new year has to be the resolutions that everybody makes. Resolutions are the perfect symbol of optimism: believing that we can take control and change ourselves for the better year on year. Sure, some don’t stick – and some are made just to be impossibly hard, but to even make resolutions means that you’re trying to be better, and I can’t think of anything more admirable.

This year I’m aiming for more symbolic resolutions: traits that I’ve recognised in myself over the past 12 months that I want to continually work on – improving my work ethic, showing my love to my nearest and dearest, making more time for education and enjoyment. Of course, there are a few literal ones thrown in for good measure too (because I really need to cut back on the amount of chocolate I eat!) but overall, each and every one of these makes me super excited for the next 12 months to come – and I’m hoping that you guys will stick around with me long enough for our review post in December! Ha!

I’d love to know what resolutions you’re setting yourself this year – or if you’re not setting any at all, why not? Let’s chat about them in the comments below!

Stay Passionate but Not Overwhelmed

Because setting yourself impossible deadlines while working other jobs isn’t a sustainable way to live.

Show Love in More Ways

Because you never what tomorrow may bring.

Pick Up More Books

Because the best stories in the world are kept between the pages of books.

Pay More Attention to My Diet

Because this body is the only one I’ll ever have.

Disconnect More

Because an entire world exists outside of our phones.

“Jump” More / Do Something That Scares You

Because life was meant for taking risks.

Remain Focussed

Because you’ll never reach the finish line if you’re not driven.

Get Ahead of Yourself (and Your Plans)

Because planning saves lives.

Cut Chocolate Back to the Weekends

Because weekends are for treating yourself.

Collaborate More

Because working with other passionate people is one of life’s greatest treasures.

What are your resolutions for 2018?

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