My Favourite Places in Paris

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I think I talk about Paris quite a lot. It’s somewhere that I love to visit, no matter how fleeting. And whether I’m spending time in the city, or on the outskirts (enjoying some adventures at Disneyland) I always leave feeling excited about my next return trip.

Because of that, I’ve wanted to write something around my favourite spots in the city. As much as I’d love to do some huge in-depth travel guide about the City of Lights, there are other bloggers much more suited to write such a post – so instead, I wanted to share something smaller, and more tailored towards myself, about the spots that I personally enjoy, or have loved, each time I visit.

I’d love to know where you go when you’re in Paris – as not only would I love to visit when I’m next there, but I’m hoping to roll this post around with me into the future and update it as I set my heart on new addresses there.

Wanderlust travel, photography, travel destinations, travelling, adventure


As a viewing platform for the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero is where the above photos were taken. My love of the place is mainly down to the dramatics of how great the view is of the Eiffel Tower. You walk around the corner onto the staircase and suddenly you can see everything – it’s so entrancing, beautiful and great for a Paris photo opportunity!


Quite an arty district, Montmartre is traditionally known for Sacre Coeur, that sits atop the hill overlooking Paris. The arrondissement is much more than that, however, as you’ll see if you wander the streets and immerse yourself in the bars and boutiques. The Musee de Montmartre is a great place to go if you want to brush up on the artistic history of the area and make sure to visit Babalou for some amazing pizza.

Wanderlust travel, photography, travel destinations, travelling, adventure

Wanderlust travel, photography, travel destinations, travelling, adventure

The Champs Elysees

The iconic shopping street, filled with white buildings and beautiful stores. When Scott and I first visited, we strolled down the Champs Elysees under the October sunshine and it was perfect. Such a brilliant introduction to the city, after climbing up the Arc de Triomphe and seeing the Eiffel Tower glinting in the distance.

The Louvre

The biggest museum in the world, you can’t miss out on the Louvre! Being from an EU country (and under the age of 25), Scott and I were able to get into the Louvre for free – and spent as much time as we could wandering through the various exhibit halls. The place is absolutely massive (as you’d imagine) and so easy to lose yourself in, so I’d definitely recommend keeping the map you can collect on the way in handy!

Wanderlust travel, photography, travel destinations, travelling, adventure

Val d’Europe

Going to the outskirts of Paris now, Val d’Europe is the boulevard next to Disneyland. Although chosen by random as somewhere we’d pass through, Val d’Europe left one of the longest impressions on me. I think it was the overall sense of safety – the area is kept so pristine and everybody seems so friendly. It’s a great place to explore if you’re in the area but not necessarily on your way to Disneyland.


I absolutely love Disneyland. In fact, I’ve written a post on 10 things you must do while you’re there if you want to give that a read too! Scott and I even prefer this Disneyland to those that we’ve visited in America. There’s just something about it that we both love, it’s pretty dear to us – and such a great weekend away if you’re looking for some fun to forget all your worries! Ha!

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Using the Metro

A little bonus to the post, but using the metro system in Paris has to be my favourite in the world. It was the first proper metro system that I ever used, and I found it so easy to get used to that Scott and I literally spent our entire trip hopping on and off metros while making our way through the huge city. If you’re visiting Paris and feel intimidated by it – I definitely urge you not to be! It’s so easy to get around with, and saves so much time when going from one arrondissement to the next!

What are some of your favourite places to visit in Paris?

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