Three Simple Pinterest SEO Tips That Exploded My Blog Traffic

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Pinterest is an absolute powerhouse. No matter what sort of growth my blog has, I reckon it will always be my best source of traffic, because it’s the clock that literally keeps on ticking and ticking. When I first started Mile in My Glasses, I would see everybody talking about the importance of Pinterest and Pinterest SEO – how useful they are and how much difference they can make to your blog traffic, and although it was an uphill battle to get here (I’m talking days and nights of feeling like I’m going in circles) I feel like I’ve (kind of) figured out how the big old beast works.

The number of posts that I’ve read on this topic, and the amount that I’ve tried to incorporate but made absolutely no difference, is astounding. I updated my Pinterest avatar, I changed my bio to sound more hip and fun – but still, nothing. That was until I really dug my heels in and actually spoke to people (and even read some webinar books, too) about what they think works and how to go from an account with 0 followers to something that requires barely any maintenance but is still growing daily.

At this point, my profile is gaining anywhere between 15-30 followers per day, and I only put an hour or two of work into scheduling and maintaining my page every week or two, but the amount of difference it makes on my blog traffic is huge. Afterall that’s what Pinterest has in its heart: bloggers. (Well, and their content, of course!)

blogging, blog, lifestyle blog, ideas, tips, tricks, travel blog, travel blogger, travel blogging, travel tips, travel inspiration, travel motivation, blogging for beginners, blogging for money, Mens fashion, menswear inspired men, menswear summer, menswear street style, menswear

Get Your Schedule Right

If there’s any one thing you take away from this post, please let it be this: I don’t think Tailwind helps. I stand by schedulers wholeheartedly, but Tailwind? I use them right now (because I paid for a year up front) in conjunction with another scheduler (which I’ll talk about in a minute) and of the two, when I used Tailwind exclusively, my traffic and growth suffered tremendously.

I’ve seen other people scream about the wonders of Tailwind from the rooftops, so for the longest time I had trouble with wrapping my head around why it wasn’t working for me, but I’ve finally figured it out: every time Tailwind posts a pin, it counts it as BRAND NEW.

What does this mean? Well, in case you aren’t aware, Pinterest is constantly analysing the ‘health of pins’, and what this means effectively, is that they look at how many repins each piece of content has, and if it has a bunch then it will (obviously) think it’s quite a popular pin and show it to more people. However, if that pin has less (or even no repins) then Pinterest won’t show it to others because it will deem that content as something that nobody wants to see. Does that make sense?

So when you’re scheduling content around Pinterest’s site, choosing pins and pasting them into your boards – every pin you schedule will be treated as brand new content and lose all repin data once pinned by Tailwind. Which can really, really hurt you and your page (especially if you’ve got a little follow number at the beginning, as Pinterest simply won’t be pushing your content since there’s already the original source that you tried to schedule but Tailwind duplicated instead!)

This is the exact opposite of how my other scheduler, Board Booster, works. BB instead keeps the repin history intact, so when you’re repinning content that already has a bunch of engagement on it: Pinterest will look at your board, see all the content in it has a bunch of fantastic repin rates on all of them, and promote you to others – making it 100x easier to not only grow followers across the site but have other people find your profile and your blog.

Repin Wisely

Following on from that point, when you’re repinning content – pay attention to the amount of repins each piece has. For the exact reason I mentioned above, Pinterest will judge your profile on how many repins the content you’re sharing has, so if each piece is high – with loads of great engagement on – then Pinterest will think both you and your account are more favourable and share you with other people.

For about 7-8 months I was sharing low repin-rate content, getting nowhere and not understanding what was happening. But when I changed my attitude and became selective with what I was sharing – my traffic, numbers and profile absolutely exploded.

blogging, blog, lifestyle blog, ideas, tips, tricks, travel blog, travel blogger, travel blogging, travel tips, travel inspiration, travel motivation, blogging for beginners, blogging for money, Mens fashion, menswear inspired men, menswear summer, menswear street style, menswear

Profile Maintenance

My last tip for today has to be about the importance of your profile and boards. Say, I’m Pinterest. And I’m analysing everyone’s profiles and each and every board on my site. How am I going to know what each board is about? Is it through the content that’s pinned to it? Or through a quirky profile and avatar? Not necessarily. Especially when boards can be super complex and revolve around more than one topic. This is where keywords come in handy.

Now, I’m not talking about getting getting super imaginative and keywording every thing that comes into your head (though I am guilty of doing this once or twice!), in fact, I have a sneaky trick which will help you find the exact keywords you want to incorporate both onto your profile and the boards that you’re pinning to daily.

Whatever the niche of your board is, enter it in the ‘search’ bar at the top of your Pinterest page.

For example, if it’s travel, then enter it across and look what pops up. Here, you’ll see all the ‘travel’ content that people are searching for.

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These are the keywords relating to travel that Pinterest deems most popular, and therefore are constantly in demand. So, if you incorporate those keywords into each niche board and profile that you’re showing, Pinterest will not only be able to understand what your boards are about, but they’ll place you in those search categories and increase your reach ten-fold.

It might sound strange, but when I gave this a try I was honestly surprised by the amount of difference it made to all of my engagement figures over a week or two.

At this moment in time, my account is at 2,300 followers. That may not sound like much, but the amount of time I sat at 0, and then how slowly it took me to crawl my way to 100 while figuring out these tips is much, much longer than the time it’s taken me to grow since putting these into action.

And, another great thing about Pinterest? Even with a low follow count, if you have good Pinterest SEO – your content will still be shown to as many people as Pinterest can push it to, meaning that your click-through rate will sky-rocket and so will your site visitors.

I’ve done another post on blogging, and growing your blog using Pinterest which you can read here.

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Do you use Pinterest? What’s your favourite thing to find on there?

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  • Ah, Pinterest is so frustrating! I’m yet to figure it out! I’ll try your tips as the once I’ve read have not worked!

    x Mariya

  • Pinterest is indeed such a useful tool to grow your following!

    Hadas | The Fashion Matters – Luxury Blog

  • This is such an interesting read!! I have been struggling with pinterest and have only just found out you can schedule pins!! Do you know if buffer works on the same basis as tailwind? I’m really hoping not haha!

    • Unfortunately I don’t know if Buffer does! I use Buffer for Twitter, but haven’t ever used it for Pinterest! Hopefully it doesn’t – but you might need to run a test or two to find out, ha ha! Thanks for commenting Charlotte, I hope you have a great end to your week!

  • Courtney Hardy

    Wow these are really good tips. I didn’t know that repinning popular content helps you too. I’ll have to start doing that. Thanks for writing this because it was so helpful.

    • I’m so glad it has helped you, Courtney! Yeah, I had no idea either! Once I read it, it all made sense though – then when I started doing it, it absolutely changed my Pinterest game! I had to go through and delete the majority of pins that had 0/1 repins though, so my profile was seen more as a blank slate (I hope that makes sense!) – I hope you have a lovely end to your week!

  • Missy May

    These are great tips because when it comes to Pinterest, I’m completely lost. I love getting inspiration from there but, didn’t know I could draw traffic from there to my blog. Interesting!! Thank you!
    You look great. Love your coat!

    • Thank-you so much Mavis! I’m so glad you found it helpful, and thank-you so much about the coat! I hope you have a great end to your week!

  • Devinne Stevens

    Great tips! I use Pinterest for fun…mostly because I haven’t been able to figure out how to use it for my blog. I especially liked your last idea–gotta try that now!

    • Thank-you Devinne! I love Pinterest, it’s so useful and worth it for blogging! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • This is a great post! Bloggers always talk about how pinterest is so good for them and although I know it can be good, I don’t put enough effort in to it!

  • Rachel Emily

    Love this post. The number of times I’ve had Tailwind recommended to me is crazy and I’m not really seeing much benefit from it. I’m at that same point where I’ve struggled for a year to get from 0 to 110 so hopefully I’ll soon be following you to 2k+ after reading this and executing your tips.

    Rachel |

    • I have to agree with you! I was seeing everybody recommend Tailwind, and then when one person said that actually, it duplicates pins instead of just repinning them – it all made sense! I hope these tips help you!

  • Kim

    Ah thank you for comparing Tailwind and Boardbooster! Everything I have heard from Tailwind has been from sponsored posts, which makes me think they are incredibly biased. It is nice to hear the truth from someone who is unbiased! Pinterest has always been a super confusing engine for me so I may need to pick your brain/read up on all your Pinterest related posts soon! 😉

    Simply Lovebirds

    • Thank-you for such a lovely comment as always Kim! Yes, definitely! I’m not sponsored by anyone so this is completely unbiased! Ha! I really wanted Tailwind to be absolutely amazing, but after trying for so long I just had to accept that it wasn’t helping my account’s exposure on Pinterest at all!

  • What a good read. Thanks for sharing this geniune review dear. Love how you compared Tailwind and Boardbooster. Pinterest can be quite confusing indeed, gotta try your tips.

    Jessica |

    • Thank-you for the lovely comment Jess! I’m glad you found it helpful! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  • Sarah Jane

    Good info, The tool m using is PinPinterest … it is also very helpful. free too use tool. Its features includes Sophisticated algorithm, make sure only images relevant to your business are pinned to your account.