Inspirational Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Hello, hello! I absolutely love Instagram. I always find it so inspiring, and I love interacting and reading other people’s content, and seeing all the photos that they choose to share with the world. It’s such a great app, and I love the sense of community that you can feel between the comment sections on certain blogger’s posts, and the stories they share via Instastories.

Today I wanted to shout out a few favourite accounts on Instagram right now, from bloggers who also share their work on their own sites across the web. I thought it would be a great way of not just shouting out other creators that I’m a big fan of, but also introducing you to one or two of them too if you didn’t know them already!

Amelia Liana

Blogs at

I’ve been following Amelia for years now, and always loved her content! Her Instagram is honestly #wanderlustgoals – every single photo tops the one before, it’s awesome! I also love keeping up with Amelia’s blog, the posts are really informative (and she does amazing vlogs over on YouTube, too!)

Justin Livingston

Blogs at

I’ve also followed Justin for quite a while, and always loved his content. His photos have such a clear aesthetic to them that I love – as well as his blog, too! He also has a YouTube channel, that you can check out here!

Kathleen Barnes

Blogs at

I’ve followed Kathleen on Instagram for the past year and absolutely love not just her feed, but her stories! They’re always really funny, and her blog has become one that I not only read daily but make sure to comment on as well to show my support – such a fantastic creator!

David Guison

Blogs at

Although I’ve only started following David rather recently, I absolutely love his content. His photos are always #goals, and I love the mix of travel and lifestyle. His blog posts are super awesome, too – and should definitely be checked out!

Jessica Wang

Blogs at

I have followed Jess since I started my own blog, and make sure to check out her posts daily. Her blog is absolutely fantastic – from the design to the aesthetic, to the imagery and content – everything is flawless! Also, she does the cutest Instagram stories with her family – and her feed is goals!

Kim Vo

Blogs at

Kim was the first friend of mine that I made through blogging, and I absolutely love everything about the content she posts online! From the sweetest blog posts to her YouTube vlogs (that you can check out here), she’s always posting awesome things and is definitely a great source of inspiration and sunshine to have on your feed!

Patience Randle

Blogs at

I’ve followed Patience on Instagram for the past year and a half, and her feed is always so beautiful! I absolutely love her photographic eye, every shot is incredible and the overall aesthetic of her feed and blog are both gorgeous! She’s definitely a creator to catch up with, especially if you like reading!

Julia Engel

Blogs at

Julia runs one of my absolute favourite blogs, Gal Meets Glam. From her incredible travel posts to their beautiful lifestyle content I make sure to check GMG out daily for the newest post and always comment to show support! Her Instagram is such a wonderful reflection of her blog, and I love the Instagram stories that herself and Thomas post daily! They’re so cute and fun, especially when they’re travelling!

Scott Perez

Blogs at

I’ve been following Scott for a few months now, and his photos are always so much fun! I love how bright they are, and his captions, too! I also love his blog and the posts, definitely worth checking out!


Blogs at

Ashley’s Instagram and blog are both absolutely wonderful. I love her feed, and her blog posts are always so great! From the fashion tips and outfit inspiration to her Instagram stories and photo feed, all of her content is fantastic and her blog quickly became one of my favourites!

All of these bloggers inspire me to make better content and keeping up with them both over on Instagram and their blogs are so much fun! I hope you’ve been able to get some follow-inspo, I’d love to know who you’re keeping up with online at the minute!

Who are your favourite Bloggers to follow at the minute?

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