My Five Year Travel Bucket List

Good morning guys! Wanderlust is a great old thing, isn’t it? One day you’re just sat there, minding your own business – scrolling through social media – and then, WHAM! The next you’re head over heels in love with a destination, attempting to plan the biggest and best trip of your life just to make it over there and see the sun set from that part of the world.

I can’t even express how many times my little heart has fluttered after wanderlust – I love just being inspired through travel content from fellow creators and being immersed in the beauty of this world. With that being said, today I wanted to bring to you all my five year travel bucket list. Essentially, this is a list of places that I’m dreaming of visiting over the coming years – whether or not the will of this post brings that dream into reality is another thing altogether. But who doesn’t love a little bit of optimism?

With each location, I’m going to link a blog post or two from a creator that I adore who have summarised their trip there wonderfully – this might set light to your own wanderlust, or it might just be some fun reading material for you to enjoy other blogger’s work, and bring a little bit of Summer into this dreary February day.

(P.S. Since I *obviously* haven’t travelled to any of these places yet, each of these sets are the trending snaps from their representative Instagram searches *aka #Santorini, #Hawaii, so on and so forth* if anybody is unhappy with their photos being on here, please drop me a message and I’ll make sure to alter them!)

The Greek Islands

I’ve wanted to hop through the Greek Islands for a while now, as they sound and look so beautiful! To see the sun set over Santorini, and explore the iconic habours – it’s made the bucket list for a solid reason!

Angela from The Sunday Chapter wrote an incredible post about Summer in Santorini, which you can read here, and Jessica from NotJessFashion wrote an enchanting post about her time in Mykonos and Santorini, which you can read here – both of them feature absolutely beautiful photography that makes you want to pack up and get over the ASAP!

Roadtrip Around Reykjavik

Although Scott and I have already visited Iceland once, which you can catch up on here, I’m desperate to go back. Last time, we didn’t drive through the country, and next time I think driving will encompass the majority of our trip. We’d love to road trip around Iceland, visiting the iconic sights of the golden circle and secret lagoons. After our California road trip this September, hopefully Iceland will be next on the agenda for a return trip during 2019!

Carrie from WishWishWish wrote an amazing travel guide to Iceland, which you can read here and Amy from The Little Magpie wrote a post full of pretty photos from her time there, which you can read here!

Hop the Islands of Hawaii

Hawaii is one of my top dream locations in the world. Ever since I was tiny, and watching Lilo and Stitch from the comfort of my living room, I’ve dreamt of the islands of Hawaii. As much as I’d love to visit there ASAP, I know the trip from England to Hawaii is a long one – so it might be a while before I manage to get there. I’m not letting my hopes down, though!

Yaya and Lloyd, whose blog I’ve loved since before I even started blogging, did an amazing post about 11 reasons you must visit Hawaii, which you’ve gotta read here!

Explore the Amalfi Coast of Italy

I mean, when this blurb is following the above photos – need I even say more? The iconic views, the incredible culture – I fell in love with Italy during my trip to Rome with Scott last year (which you can read about here!), and have been dying to return since. The Amalfi Coast looks like the perfect place to take my return trip to the country to!

I loved Jaci Marie’s travel guide from her time on the Amalfi Coast, featuring so many pretty photos that you can check out here!

Get Lost in Lapland

For a more wintery escape, Lapland is the top of my dream list. The thick snow looks so enchanting, and tales from friends who have visited all echo the same sentiments of wonder and magic!

Selena and Jacob from Find Us Lost (aka one of my favourite travel blogs for their amazing photography and in-depth travel guides!) did an amazing wrap up of their time in Lapland, which you can read right here (and while you’re there, I HIGHLY recommend you have a nosey around the rest of their site – because their content is always so amazing!)

Appreciate the Landscapes of Bali

Bali looks like absolute bliss. From the towering tree tops to the rice terraces, there are so many things to explore and the food looks divine!

I loved Aspyn’s Bali travel guide, including places to eat and things to do, which you can read here – it definitely gave me allll the wanderlust I needed! Ha ha!

Where is on Your Five Year Travel Bucket List?

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