The February Edit: Skincare, Lifestyle & Fashion Favourites

After how long January felt, I’m shocked at how quick February has been in comparison. It felt like this month flew by in the blink of an eye, but I’ve picked up so many favourites and items that I’m loving right now which has been fantastic! The majority of my month has been spent in preparation for going away to the United States on March 1st, meaning that I’ve been buying new clothes, getting heat-protective skincare at the ready and trying to get myself in the Summer frame of mind (which is much easier than it sounds – in fact, it’s when I’m coming home from the heat that I’m worrying about!)

During February, I uploaded a blog post about Bloggers you should be following on Instagram, and after how many of you said that you loved the post – and the idea of giving other creators love (which I’m 100% in agreement with, I love finding new people to follow!), I thought I’d incorporate others into my monthly edits, too. From here on out I’ll have a section below dedicated to my favourite bloggers/Instagrammers that have kept me inspired over the past month, because there’s literally so many that the best way to get through them all would have to be through a monthly shout out! Ha!

As always, I’d love to know what products/clothes/things you’ve been loving this past month, if you could leave them below! And without further ado, here are my favourites from the month of February!

The February Edit

Abercrombie and Fitch Short Sleeved Linen Shirt
Abercrombie and Fitch Garment Dye Linen Shirt
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera
Aldo Mens Vianello-R
Botanics 81% Organic Day Cream
ASOS Slider In Black With Hawaiian Print
Converse Optic White Hi Top Trainers

What I’ve loved through February

Converse This month I finally picked myself up a pair of white high-top Converse. I’ve been meaning to nab a pair since I was literally 16, and when I stumbled across this eBay user *who has like 10,000 people ‘watching’ this post* that sells an obscene amount of Converse in different colours and styles for £30, I was too curious not to order a pair. Since then, I’ve practically been living in them – I can’t wait to share a few outfits with them either here or on my Instagram.

Sliders I feel like the magic of sliders was something that I was completely ignorant of until recently. If the weather in England permitted it, I’d live in these all day every day – because they’re just so comfortable! I got this pair from ASOS, and although it isn’t cushioned under the strap, they’re still so snug and lovely – though I will definitely be picking up another pair from either Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger or Nike while I’m in the States next month!

Abercrombie Linen Shirts I picked up these shirts in anticipation of my trip to the Sunshine State next month, and I think they’ve changed the shirt game for me. Another thing I was ignorant of, finally getting round to actually trying linen, made me so happy. I’m in love with Abercrombie’s styles as they’re lightweight, comfortable and not itchy in the slightest (also, they’re all on sale right now for a great price so I’d snap any up ASAP!)

Botanics Skincare I’ve been meaning to make the move with my skincare into something new for a while now, and while I was at Boots with Scott, I saw the Botanics range. They’re a plants-based skincare line and after picking up (and trying) this day cream, I’m totally converted. I can’t wait to try more of their products, this day cream is so silky smooth and moisturising – perfect for the harsh Winter cold!

ALDO Chelsea Boots I’ve been loving Chelsea boots more and more this season, and once I stumbled across the ALDO sale I was instantly sold on this pair. They’re light grey, and look so good with so many different outfits! If you’re reading this while they’re still on sale, I 100% advise that you pick up a pair! They’re great quality and so versatile. They might have outshone my black pair to become my favourite pair that I own!

Canon G7X Mark 2 This month I picked up my first ‘vlogging camera’. Since running Mile in My Glasses, I’ve had so much fun creating content weekly and talking to you guys over here – and I’ve always been excited at the concept of bringing the blog to another visual platform too. Since my job outside of the blog is as a cameraman and video editor, the two ideas practically marry themselves up – so, long story short, I plan to vlog mine and Scott’s trip to the States in March and see where we go from there. Ideally, a month from now I should be starting to post content on YouTube, and ideally, I’ll get into a routine that will add-on to the Monday and Thursdays that I post over here!

My Three Creator Crushes

Matt Benfield

Blogs at

I’ve followed Matt for a while now, and always loved his posts! Not just on Instagram, but his blog posts are great fun to read, too! He covers things from lifestyle to travel, and his snaps from his last trip to Italy will definitely give you all the wanderlust feelings!


Blogs at

Tiffany’s feed is the absolute meaning of goals – I love everything about it: the atmosphere, the colouring and the environment – it has an Autumnal feel throughout every snap and I love it so much! Tiff’s account is most definitely one of my favourites to follow on Instagram!

Will Taylor

Blogs at

Will’s blog was one of the first that I stumbled across on Instagram, and as soon as I saw his feed I seriously fell in love with it! I love literally all of his interior design skills (of which I have 0) and seeing the planning to creation of his beach house is amazing! I definitely recommend following him if you don’t already!

What are your favourites from the month of February?

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