Getting Personal, Dealing with Toxic People & Finding Your Passion

Find what sets your soul on fire… and then hold on to that.

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Good morning guys! I’ve wanted to speak about this for a while, but never really known how to start – toxicity, pessimism and embarrassment are all things that I’ve lightly touched on in previous blog posts, but never a topic that I’ve dedicated an entire day to. Until now. I hope this message resonates with some of you guys, and if it does I’d love to talk about it in the comments below!

I’ve spoken before about dealing with pessimism on a daily basis. Whether that’s internally, through your own thoughts and feelings, or externally – from the people you surround yourself with. This post might start like a rant at the beginning, but please ride it out because I *hope* that I’m going somewhere with this. Ha.

The problem with pessimism is the attitude it carries. I feel like the sheer weight of pessimistic words are corrosive – when somebody is belittling something that I love, or work on, it feels physically corrosive – like you’re losing part of yourself to their speech. It hurt, pretty much. It hurts a lot.

But another way to interpret that pain is into motivation. If it’s hurting – if something somebody is saying to you about something you’ve devoted your time/energy/being into hurts, then in a way that’s good, because it means that thing means something to you. And that something could be a lot.

#personal, #toxicity, #howtodeal, #howtohandle, #toxicpeople, #toxicsituations, #personalstruggle, #personalproblems, #facingissues, #blogging, #vlogging, #passion, #findingyourpassion, #findingpurpose

We are so used to living our lives by the recommendations of others. We’re told by family and friends what we should and shouldn’t be doing on a daily basis – almost to the point where we take other people’s opinions with more certainty than our own. Because of this, I feel conflicted. Somebody is mocking something I love – should I stop doing that thing in order to stop them mocking me?

No. We should do that thing even more. Light that fire of determination inside of us. If it makes you happy, if you’re getting something back from what you’re putting in – happiness, worth, passion – then it’s worth it. Regardless of what anybody says. It’s worth your time, it’s worth your energy – and whether other people understand it or not, whether they belittle it or think that it’s worthless, it’s important to you and that’s enough.

Over the past few years I’ve come across this quite a lot in my life. Situations that make me want to stop and drop things that I genuinely love because of comments that other people have made. Situations that make me want to swallow myself out of existence – to run and hide away from embarrassment due to being mocked, or ridiculed for something that I genuinely love.

#personal, #toxicity, #howtodeal, #howtohandle, #toxicpeople, #toxicsituations, #personalstruggle, #personalproblems, #facingissues, #blogging, #vlogging, #passion, #findingyourpassion, #findingpurpose

In those moments it can seem impossible to hold your head high – to do anything except train your eyes on the ground and pray that time moves on – but in the weeks, months and eventually years that have followed, I’ve told myself time and time again how important it is to meet their gaze. To let them know that you respect their opinion, but that’s all it is: an opinion.

Not legislature – not something you have to take on board. Merely an opinion from somebody else who’s living their life in an entirely different way to yours. And that’s okay. We’re human beings, we should all have opinions – what we shouldn’t have are people letting go of things that could, would and will bring them true inner joy because of somebody else’s.

If you’ve found something that sets your soul on fire – something that makes you excited for the next day on the horizon – then please, please don’t give that up. Regardless of what anybody says. Your happiness is worth more than the words of other people. I’m so happy that I’ve taught myself that now, whether or not it took me longer than it should have to learn it.

I’m not sure if this entire thing made sense – but I really hope it did. This conversation is something that I’ve wanted to get off my chest for months now, but I’ve never truly known how to start it.

What sets your soul on fire?

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