What Vlogging a Trip is Like

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If you’ve been following the blog for the past few months, you’ll know that I recently picked up my first ever vlogging camera (a Canon G7X Mark 2, eep!) and planned to push Mile in My Glasses onto the YouTubes after our trip to Florida at the beginning of the month.

Being our maiden voyage into the world of vlogging, I thought it might be fun to write a wrap-up of sorts, detailing how my first ever trip spent vlogging went, and what it was like to spend a bunch of time with the camera pointed on myself (and Scott!)

I decided to film each day as their own vlog, and then upload them weekly every Sunday at 5pm! The first went up yesterday evening, which you can check out here. Or if you’re super excited (like me) you can subscribe here to keep up to date with my future videos!

I’m really excited to start planning not just vlogs but ‘sit-down’ videos too, and figure out how to incorporate my different ‘niches’ like fashion and lifestyle into videos for my channel. If you happen to upload to YouTube, I’d love to see your channels and the content you create if you can leave any links in the comments below! That’s one thing that I love about the blogging community, sharing and inspiring other people with our own content.

In terms of starting vlogging while we were over there, it became one of those things that you just have to dive straight into – even if people stare, even if you hear strange comments muttered under people’s breaths. It’s so fun to document events and times that mean a lot to you, but you’ve also got to just push yourself to do it no matter what happens. As the days went on, it got easier and easier every time – and by the end of the trip, I felt like it was no big deal at all to whip the camera out and record this, that or the other!

I’m super excited to be at the start of my YouTube journey. And from here on out, you can probably expect to see me talk about YouTube videos every now and again on the blog! They will also be promoted to the right of every post, just underneath my social channels. I hope you guys like the videos, I can’t wait to hear your feedback and improve not only my videos and editing – but finding my feet in recording and archiving exciting life events!

Would you ever start vlogging? Or do you have a YouTube channel?