Disclosure Policy

Affiliate Links

My blog posts may contain affiliate links, which will provide me with a small commission if the link is clicked through and a transaction completed due to that referral. This will not cost you anything extra, and the commission made will go to maintaining the various charges that hosting a website includes. From paying for the domain, page hosting, or content creation.

Brand Collaborations

From time to time, brands may contact me for affiliation or collaboration to feature or advertise their products on this blog or particular blog posts.

I will never advertise a brand that either I don’t believe in, or that I haven’t tried out, and each and every one of my reviews will provide only my full and honest opinion to readers.

I will only promote brands that…

  • I have tested and loved myself.
  • Believe the product and/or brand is something that my readers would genuinely be interested in or something that would be beneficial to readers of a particular post.

Every time a post is sponsored by, or written in collaboration with a brand, it will be clearly stated in the disclaimer section of the post, which is located under the tags and above the comments section.

Similarly, if a post includes affiliate links, I will have a disclaimer written on the bottom line of the post.

Website Photography

All photos taken and featured on this blog have been taken and edited by myself, Michael, unless stated otherwise. If you are interested in using any of my photographs on or around the web, please state credit and/or link back to their original source where applied.

Some posts on my blog feature stock imagery, when the correct licensing has been attained. Each time stock images are used in a post, it will be written in the disclaimer section of the post, above the comments but below the tags. If for some reason I have used an image on this blog, or any of my social media, and have not accredited source to the correct place, please let me know and I will update it immediately.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me using this form provided.

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